amplifier module


ETIK amplifier module model ETK-HPA0130M1700 belongs to ETIK defense high power amplifier line.
The frequency range runs from 2 to 30 MHz thus making the battlefield communication and the tactical jamming its perfect fields of applications.

It is rated for 1.7 kW and full performances are guaranteed within -10 °C to +50°C temperature range and with 1.8:1 VSWR conditions.
It withstands 6:1 VSWR conditions with no damages.

The amplifier comes with its own heat sink designed with an optimised fins structure to get the most out of the air flow to keep the amplifier within the optimal temperature range in all conditions.

A 15 pin military connector is available on the rear plane of the amplifier to provide forward and reflected power measurements as well as working temperature and other parameters.

Technical Specifications

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

Mechanical Layout