amplifier module


ETIK amplifier module model ETK-HPA014022G8K belongs to ETIK defense high power amplifier line.

It is a forced air cooled amplifier working in the frequency range 140 to 180 MHz and it has been specifically designed for radar applications.

It is rated for 8 kW (pulsed) and full performances are guaranteed within -10 °C to +50 °C temperature range and infinite VSWR.

It is composed by 4 independent plug-in amplifier modules each one capable of 2.5 kW output power.

Each of them is provided with two independent inputs and four outputs which make the amplifier feasible to feed an antenna array in a very efficient way.

It features a LAN interface for control purpose and RS422 connector for commanding.

Technical Specifications

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

Mechanical Layout