amplifier pallet


ETIK amplifier pallet ETK-0105G500 belongs to ETIK specifically defence purpose designed amplifier line. The pallets that belong to this line are designed to bear the toughest environments whilst maintaining their performances.

The frequency range runs from 100 to 500 MHz thus making the tactical jamming environment its perfect field of applications although it is also used for other purposes.

It is rated for 500 W (CW) and full performance are guaranteed within -40 °C to +80°C temperature range and with 2:1 VSWR conditions.
It can withstand 6:1 VSWR conditions with no damages. With its shielding case it is also a perfect amplifier to run low power in-lab tests.
Designed on microstrip technology and provided with the latest generation rugged LDMOS, the amplifier is designed to be mounted on any kind of heat sink either for air and liquid cooling. It features also two probes, one providing the current measure and the other the temperature. A military suitable connector allows to handle the “enable” command.

Technical Specifications

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

Mechanical Layout