ETIK is an advanced radio frequency research and development lab.
Our customers are amongst the most important companies and research centres worldwide operating in the Medical, Industrial, Military and Scientific fields.
We turn their futuristic ideas into something real.
Thanks to the impressive know-how that our team has gained in the field of solid state radio frequency, we are in the unique position of fully understanding our prospective customers’ needs and together achieve the optimal solution.
We strongly believe in the centrality of the customer, since only when the customer plays an active role in the development process we can get to the solutions that perfectly match with his expectations; this is what we call “technology applied tailor-made”.
We shape ourselves around our customers and their specific necessities.
We design and manufacture amplifier prototypes and series based on solid state technology either at radio frequency and microwave for a wide range of applications for the so called MIMS (Medical Industrial Military and Scientific) players.